Google Home – Language Settings as Early Adopter

The Google Home is not yet available in Europe. Nevertheless you’re able to buy it in the U.S. and run it in Europe if you’re willing to use some workarounds and accept the limitations.

„My apologies, I don’t understand“, „Sorry, XYZ is not yet supported“, „ABC isn’t available in your area “ are just some of the limitations you will be facing. But most annoying is the Google Assistant App which requires your iPhone language set to be English (U.S.). I haven’t understand the reason for that, but even with British English it’s not working.


If you’re willing to eat that, you can set your phone to English language (you anyhow have to talk to Google Home on English at the moment). But even than the app is not working!

HINT: You have to set the Region to United States as well.

Took me some time to figure this out! After that, you can use the app to configure Google Home as expected.